LED color tip sink

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As for the LED Water Faucet, it provides not only a beautiful waterfall from light, but also a reminder of the water temperature. You no longer suffer from too cold or too hot water, you can protect your hands or children from burning. RGB color LED raincoats change color to detect the water temperature, which helps you to know the water temperature through different colors: Blue light is cold, green is warm, red is hot and flashing red is hot. Built-in small hydroelectric generator, the LED faucet will light up automatically when the water is flowing down, without the need for any battery or other power supply and more economical!

Basic functions:

  • Automatic temperature-sensitive change of RGB colors: it will automatically change its color by detecting different water temperatures to remind you of changes in water temperature
  • Blue: The water temperature is below 32 degrees Celsius
  • Green: The water temperature is between 33 and 41 degrees Celsius
  • Red: The water temperature is between 42 and 45 degrees Celsius
  • Flashing red: water temperature is above 46 degrees Celsius, beware of burns
  • Built-in small hydroelectric generator without the need for a battery
  • Hydroelectric self-generating principle: when the water flows down, the LED lights will illuminate automatically
  • One size fits into most cranes with a universal outer diameter of 2.4 cm
  • Made of ABS chrome material, corrosion resistant and durable
  • More water saving, more economical
  • Ideal for bathroom or kitchen
Instructions for use
  • Suitable for circular shaped outlet with screw thread. There are two conditions:
  • Condition 1 - Inner Thread Valve: Connect the LED (Externally Threaded) LED directly to the Inner Thread Valve
  • Condition 2 - External Thread Fan: Before connecting the faucet, insert the adapter with internal screw thread to the outer threaded valve
  • Warranty: 1 year against factory defect

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