LED thermometer water temperature

SKU DGT0000397
A product specifically designed for your baby that needs the right water temperature and for you. The shower thermometer is mounted before the hose of your shower or on the sink or tub pipe and allows you to monitor the water temperature without any problems thanks to the high-precision temperature sensor. Forget your worries that the water is too hot or cold, you can now easily reach the optimum temperature.

Main features:
  • Built-in water-powered generator without the need for batteries, electricity is generated automatically
  • 360-degree LED digital display, allows you to monitor the water temperature easily
  • High-precision temperature sensor, measures water temperature accurately
  • Compatible with standard 1.27cm tubes, nozzles or shower handles
  • Easy to install, no special tools required
  • It measures exactly between 8 and 85 degrees Celsius. Up to a half degree accuracy
  • Warranty: 1 year

Once you have your thermometer installed, align the screen so that you can see clearly and directly on the display. Do not use tools such as a wrench or other wrench when installing the product to avoid damaging the thermometer. The nuts are easily screwed in by hand.

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