Xiaomi SWDK-D260 Smart Power wireless Mop for floor cleaning

SKU DGT0002148


Say goodbye to the traditional mop that needs a lot of effort on your part. Now you can walk into a room and leave the difficult matter of brand new Mopping Robot. This mop electric motor with high debt and can handle dirt and stains completely and effortlessly. The electric mop with LED light can illuminate small dirt and stains on the floor and spray can be sprayed water to wet the floor. Mopat removes ultrafine particles and stains from floors by repeatedly sliding clean and compact design fits right corner of the angular line in your room. Long and flexible swivel handle allows you to always stand upright without bending. Built 2000mAh Li-ion battery provides 50 minutes wirelessly continuous time of use.

Key Features:

• RF reciprocating sliding

The frequency of washing is up to 1000 times, powerful motor provides high efficiency and thorough cleaning

• Compact design with LED light

The design fits right angle angular line and the LED light illuminates the dirt and stains

• Working with one hand with long grip

Easy to use, easy to open and sprayed, no need to stop at work

• Flexible rotation, cleaning without dead angle

The grip is connected to the host in a universal method that can be rotated by any angles

• Powerful pad for cleaning, dealing with multiple spots

The high-quality pad to clean towel with water can cope with any stains without damage or Strait

• Three types of cleaning pads for different user preferences

Normal resilient pad for cleaning: spiral hard fibers may be cleaned dirt soft fibers can absorb water. Both types of fiber are in the opposite situation, which can easily deal with stubborn stains.

Resistant terry pad matte finish, with a terry cloth edge, can absorb Hair electrostatic principle

Environmentally clean pad disposable, digested degradable material, it is distinguished by a large capacity for cleaning pollution-free

• Internal 2000mAh Li-ion battery

2000mAh large capacity battery, it can be used continuously 50 minutes when fully charged, which can clean room of 100 m2 3-4 times

• Erect placement, automatic shutdown

Click the handle to a vertical position, the host will automatically lock, safe and energy saving

• Indicator power

3 power indicator show, respectively, a 100 percent, 65 percent and about 30 percent

• Design of water inlet

Use the included measuring cup, to add water, a hole of 0.5 mm provides a uniform spraying

• Design tiered sign

Step on the mark to lift the machine, and then you can change the pad to clean

Package Content:

1 x Electric mop, 1 x 2in1 Normal pad thoroughly cleaning, 1 x 2in1 Teritarna pad 10 x pad disposable 1 x Measuring cup 1 x Adapter 4 x Connecting rod

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