Xiaomi Mijia LF LERAVAN multifunction massager neck pillow type relaxation

SKU DGT0001758
Xiaomi Mijia LF LERAVAN Multifunctional pillow neck massager. Relaxing, very soft and comfortable. This massager was created with the thought of ergonomics, making it the perfect travel companion. Provides comfort and support for the head and neck.

  • The massage function helps you relax well and release tension or just relax.
  • It can be adapted to the neck, arms, waist, legs.
  • The pillow case is made of cotton from Peru, soft and breathable.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Lightweight, extremely comfortable to wear
  • Multifunctional use, can help the neck, used as a seat belt cushion, can be placed on the desktop as a pad and more.
  • Warranty: 1 year against factory defect!

  • Power: 2 x AA batteries.
  • Power: 1.4W (max).
  • RPM: 6000
  • Noise: 45dB (max)

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