Wireless smoke detector Sonoff, compatible with 433MHz radio bridge

SKU DGT0002231

Key features:

  • Very fast capture of smoke, immediately turns on the alarm on detection of smoke
  • Power supply: DC9V 6F22
  • Static current: less than 10uA
  • Alarm current: less than 40mA
  • signal low battery Yes
  • viewing area: 60㎡
  • Universal 433mHz frequency can be combined with almost all gateways for home security
  • 75dB sound alarm will scare the elderly and children
  • 1 year battery life, no need to frequently replace the batteries
  • The transmission distance: more than 150 meters of open area
  • Transmission Frequency: 315 / 433mHz
  • Distance to start: not less than 120 m (open distance)
  • Alarm sound: 785dB
  • Battery life: 1 Year
  • Size: 113 * 38 mm
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty at a manufacturing defect.

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