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Universal drawer refrigerator

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SKU DGT0000392

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Made of high quality plastic, the multifunctional refrigerator drawer is designed to store fruits, vegetables, chocolates, cosmetics or medicines at humidity levels, allowing them to extend their shelf life. With two adjustable clips, it is easy to attach the drawer to the refrigerator shelf with minimal space at the top. With 5 holes in the bottom, the drawer is easily ventilated and has a ventilation function that allows you to keep your food or liquids away from moisture. Outside of the fridge application, the drawer can also be used under the table, and it can hold your belongings in the home or office, helping you to keep things comfortable at home or at work.

  • The drawer allows you to store fruits and vegetables at a favorable moisture level, helping them stay fresh and last longer
  • You save space in the often overcrowded refrigerator
  • Easy installation in your fridge with two clips, mount them at the bottom of one of the compartments
  • The bottom has 5 holes with ventilation function, does not allow moisture retention and is easy to clean
  • A multifunctional storage drawer that has many different applications for your daily routine
  • Keeps your home and kitchen clean and tidy
  • Dimensions: 15.5cm x 16.5cm x 7cm

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