Original SJCam Folding selfie stick action camera GoPro Hero Series, SJCam and Xiaomi

SKU DGT0000533
  • Original SJCAM Folding Selfie Stick with Tripod Adapter for GoPro and SJCAM Action Cameras
  • Rubber handle, soft and not sweaty
  • Folded length: 100cm
  • Folded length: 18cm
  • With tripod adapter included
  • With universal screw
  • Compatible with AMK 5000, AMK 5000S, Dazzne P2, Dazzne P3, Discovery DS100, Discovery DS200, FIREFLY 5S, GitUp Git1, Gitup Git2, Gopro Hero 1, Gopro Hero 2, Gopro Hero 3, Gopro Hero 3 Plus, Gopro Hero 4, GoPro Hero 4 Session, GoPro Hero Series, SJ4000, SJ5000, SJ6000, SJ7000, SJCAM 4000 plus, SJCAM 5000 plus, SJCAM M10, SJCAM M10 Plus, Soocoo C10, Soocoo S60, Universal Camera, Xiaomi Yi
Note: The action camera case of the photo is not included in the item!

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