JJC cleaning pen for Canon / Nikon / Sony / Pentax

SKU DGT0002663

JJC CL-P4 Cleaning Pen is lightweight cleaning tool in the shape of a pen that can be applied to optical parts such as lenses of camera viewfinders , filters and screens on cameras, camcorders, phones and tablets. One end of the pen for cleaning a soft brush. You can press the button halfway or completely to press it to remove dust, fingerprints and other waste in various parts. When not in use, you can put the cap for dust soft brush to avoid getting dust. The other end is intelligently designed double carbon bar having a circular and triangular cleaning end. The circular end is suitable for cleaning round optical screens, while the triangular end for cleaning fits the corners of cleaning the viewfinder or screen. In addition there are cap carbon powder that is clean and will not spill or dry. The product is easy to use. Safe and environmentally friendly.

  • Material: ABS + carbon powder + artificial wool
  • Weight: 20.5 g
  • Gross weight: 44.5 g
  • Full size: 124 * 15.4 mm
  • type: Carton + plastic grip
  • Pack size: 215 * 93 * 28 mm
  • Guarantee: 1 Year against manufacturing defect

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