Filter grass basis for purification of air in the refrigerator Xiaomi Viomi

SKU DGT0000534


Even refrigerated, the food can be spoiled because of bacteria and polluted air. Thanks to the VIOMI filter for purifying the air in the grass-based refrigerator, the odors disappear, the refrigerator is sterilized and food spoilage is reduced. The sterilization rate is up to 99.9%.

Main features:

  • Sterilization: The active factors of the bactericidal enzyme are automatically released from the filter and diffused evenly through delayed release films. Sterilization is up to 99.9%
  • Odor eliminates: Through the herbal extract, the refrigerator is filled with minty odor, which eliminates odors and preserves the natural aromas of foods.
  • Easy to use: Just place the filter in the corner of the refrigerator to save space. Each filter can clean space of 80 to 100L (liters)


  • Do not allow the filter to come in contact with food!
  • Do not block the fan at the back of the filter!
  • Replace the filter once a year!

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